How We've Helped

Government Relations


A transportation client seeking Federal funding for upgrades asked for our help in Congress. Our work later revealed their type of industry would not be included in the targeted funds. So we helped them find another funding solution.

Health Care--Medicaid:

Facing the loss of Medicaid funding, a healthcare provider for children turned to us for help.

Their contract had been revoked by the state-hired management group. We arranged top-level meetings and followed up with communication. Our client's issue was resolved , benefiting hundreds of children and their families.

International Partnerships


One of the largest universities in the U.S. wanted to expand their International program in the Mid-East. Following overseas visits with top-leaders, two prominent universities began working out details.

Public-Private Ventures:

We've arranged confidential meetings between sovereign leaders and businesses to pursue joint ventures. We facilitate required paperwork, arrange meetings, and brief clients in preparation for high-level meetings. We assist clients with follow-up strategy and communication during negotiations.

Private Business Expansion


We helped an environmental company gain a multi-year contract with a nationwide corporation.

Clement & Associates successfully arranged several government procurement meetings for a rehab facility interested in military work. We can help all of our clients reach top decision-makers.

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