Transportation Issues

Clement and RSI leaders outside White House following meeting with Deputy Chief of Staff Nancy Ann DeParle, a friend of Clement's.

Transportation, in all of its forms, is a primary focus of Clement & Associates -- partially due to Bob Clement's deep-rooted connection to milestones of progress. As a U.S. Congressman he helped establish the first commuter rail service in Tennessee. His father, Governor Frank G. Clement launched the Federal Highway system in Tennessee.

Bob Clement's first elected office involved transportation. He helped regulate trucking and rail industries as a Public Service Commissioner when he entered politics at 29.

Congressman Clement became knowledgeable on nearly every facet of transportation during his 15 year service House Transportation and Infrastructure committee. His subcommittee assignments included Aviation, Railroads, Coast Guard, Highways and Mass Transit.

Since 2008, Clement & Associates has represented the Railway Supply Institute in Washington, D.C. Established in 1908, the Railway Supply Institute (RSI) is the international association of suppliers providing equipment and services to the nation's freight and passenger rail systems.

We are well-positioned to address any needs of transportation interests, including government relations, funding sources, new innovations, business expansion, and international development.

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